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Yoga is an ancient Hindu tradition that combines physical, mental and spiritual exercises for one to attain union of the body and mind.


Over 5000 years old and with over 840 000 postures, yoga will lead its student to a lifetime of discipline and  constant self study, a very strong body  and mind is required as well as a keen intellect and strong will. So yogis developed exercises for the body and mind.


These exercises were combinations of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), kriyas (cleansing techniques) and meditation that we know as yoga.


Yogis see life as a triangle of birth , growth, change, decay and death.

All babies are born in a yogic state with full range of movements, clean internal body free of toxins  non attachment to material goods etc... and even breathing the full yogic breath to allow maximum oxygen capacity of the lungs.


At a young age the cell rejuvenation (anabolic) process exceeds the decaying (catabolic) process which keeps the body  ever growing. The process then maintains an equilibrium from the age of 20-35, after this period the catabolic exceeds the anabolic process which leads the body eventually to decline.


This is why  ancient sages developed this integral system to slow down the catabolic (decaying) process in order to keep the physical and mental faculties strong and healthy for their spiritual journey. They mimicked their surroundings and environment to build on strength, flexibility and agility which explains some of the postures names eg kakasana (crow) tadasana (mountain) .





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